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Terrestrical survey of facades
Terrestrical survey of building facades comprises of detailed observation of each individual facade, plane facade surface, facade bumps, facade bream, carpentry and joinery, gutters, flashings and other details, as well as the roof surfaces. Cantonal Institute for Protection of Cultural and Historical Herritage Sarajevo. Terrestrical survey of facades in Sarajevo Canton.
LOT 1 Municipality of Novo Sarajevo - Bulevard of Meša Selimović street - six objects
LOT 2 Centre Sarajevo Municipality - Streets Hiseta and Hamida Dizdara - four objects
LOT 3 Centre Sarajevo Municipality - Streets Kulovižća and Maršala Tita - three objects
LOT 4 Old Town Sarajevo Municipality - Kulina Bana street - eight objects
LOT 5 Centre Sarajevo Municipality - Maršala Tita street - four objects
Canton Sarajevo - terrestrical survey of facades in Sarajevo Canton, years 2005, 2006, 2007:
Centre Sarajevo Municipality - Maršala Tita street, 3 objects
Sarajevo City Library
Street Ćumurija - Vrhbosanska archdiocese, east facade in Kaptol street, north facade in Mehmeda Spahe street and west part of facade visible in Mehmeda Spahe street.
5 objects in Kulina bana street, 3 objects in Maršala Tita street, object in Valtera Perića nr. 2 and Hiseta nr. 3 - Marindvor palace