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Renewal of geodetic network of Sapna municipality
With Terms of Reference area of GPS survey of city geodetic network of Sapna municipality was defined. Area is calculated to cc 1794 ha. Realisation of the project includes mentioned activities: takeover of data from Investors, procurement, transport and construction of concrete marks with 12x24x50 dimensions of the above ground part and 12x12x8 dimensions of the below groung part, with built in brass benchmarks 20mm length, 80mm frame net; geometric level method was used to determine height difference of above-below ground parts on 1mm accuracy; procurement, transport and implantation of inner network benchmarks 12x12x60 above ground part and 12x12x5 below ground part; procurement, transport and implantation of benchmarks, measurements on points of frame network in two sessions with static method, using 3 GPS points, measurements on points of inner network in 2 sessions with static method, where points of frame network are given as reference points. Points of existing network are included in measurements, and they will be used as control and are defined in project. Height differences measurements were done by the method of precise geometric level in two way, where RMS error is below 1mm/km. Observation of high points was done in minimum 4 outer directions. Calculation of coordinates also included accuracy assessment, horizontal and vertical polygons closure in polygonometri network according to criteria given in the project. Coordinates were adjusted as a part of free network and fix network. Final results included accuracy assessment. Final product was development of coordinates database, and making elaborates of conducted measruments.