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Renewal of geodetic network of permanent geodetic points in cadastral municipality Travnik
Realisation of the project systematic updating of realestate cadastral of Travnik municipality. BNpro doo Sarajevo performed the renewal of permanent geodetic points network. This project includes:
- revision of existing trigonometric network in project domain
- finding the underground centres of trigonometric points and their renewal
- linking to the leveling network in order to determine new heights
- determination of excentrity elements, whether it is about high unreachable points, or the ones approachable, for the needs of better GPS signal receiving
- terrain recognition
- benchmarks procurement
- transport and stabilization of the points on the field
- making position description according to propositions in Terms of References
- first phase GPS observation including 3 reference points from previuos GPS campains (T40 Čubren, T258 Vlašić, T262 Trtkovac, T370 Dekale, T371 Raduša) with observation in two series with previously presented observtion plan
- GPS observations second phase including control points from previous phase. All found trigonometric points from 1990 network were included
- Outer directions observation for high points determination
- Processing of measured data for the needs of points coordinates and elevation determination in State Coordinate System
- Processing of measured data of GPS city network using appropriate software according to vector length and requested accuracy in project propositions
- calculation of high points coordinate by the "front sections" method
- making position description
- Making database of GPS network points
- Works of technical levelling with data processing and technial report devlopment